Monday, August 17, 2009

All Points West

All Points West was legitimately the trenches. Muddiest experience of my life (r.i.p week old converses) but well worth it. 

Jay is the Frank Sinatra of our time. There are very few artist that can have a crowd sing every word for an hour and half full of singles.  9/11 will be a great day. 

Coldplay put on a great live show. I wasn't expecting the Beastie Boys tribute, but very interesting cover. 

Caught Q-Tip's last couple songs. Wish I got there earlier, because he was killing it.  The Renaissance is so dope. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Marc got murked.
Cudi rocking dons

Jim Jones- i love college remix

DJ Cassidy does birthdays PROPER

 My knee's literally started to shake when I read the guest list. Guys got friends in very high places. Would have been down with the actual invite, but this was a definite plus to my internship. Highlight of the night was watching Jay-z and Nas go crazy while Rakim was performing: two of my favorite artist of all time, bug out to their favorite artist of all time. 
                Not the most exciting picture, but the only pic i am in....check the amusement park line- and this was early....
Cassidy and Nas
Nas, Doug E. Fresh, Cassidy, Maxwell
Andre' about to go to work while Rakim was performing
NYC Library
Bobby Brown

Second day of internship....

Interning at EMM Group definitely had some nice benefits. Second day of work was June 10th, which is two of the partners birthdays (Tenjune). All I gotta say is they celebrate their birthdays properly...

                               Eugene, Cassidy, Lil Kim, Mark
                                           DJ Cassidy, DJ Ruckus
                                                  kid cudi

I'M BACK............

So summer '09 is officially over. Between Europe and New York, I wouldn't do a thing differently! I saw, learned, and experienced a lot! I was extremely lucky between living situations and my internship, at EMM Group. I'm not into writing the play-by-play, but I got some videos and pictures for you. 

Monday, June 29, 2009


Ray-ban and Paper magazine were nice enough to throw the Sounds Like Paper concert in the South Sea Port last friday-6/26. Chester French put on a great live show. DA was getting wild. Cudi did his thing, and you can watch the concert @

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DON'T SLEEP ON THIS: Eloquent Delinquents- SoHo, NYC

I dont know where i read about it, but I made a note in my phone to check out the Eloquent Delinquents gallery in SOHO.  After getting the tip on Banksy the day before, i got to check out some of his work in person. Also at the gallery were pieces from Damien Hirst, Keith Harring, Seen, Andy Warhol, Russell Young, and Mr. Brainwash.